According to Mr. Webster the word “challenge” is defined as:

a : to confront or defy boldly : dare <he challenged his critics to prove his guilt>

b : to call out to duel or combat

c : to invite into competition <he challenged his brother to a tennis match>

We call this project, “The Matchbox Challenge” and are wondering if you think it was appropriately named.  Here is the story:

A long time customer of ours game into the gallery with a questionable look on face.  She cried out that she had cheated on us.  A company “that will not be named” sent her a nice 50% off coupon and she decided to give them a shot on a shadow box project.

When her son was a young boy he had two race cars he carried around with him everywhere he went – in the car, in the store… everywhere.  This young man was all grown up and about to get married so his Mom decided to give him a very special wedding gift – a shadow box display of his toy cars.

The company “that will not be named” gave it a shot:

The Frame that was Produced by Someone else - Let the Challenge Begin!

The Challenge – To make our design better than this one

Here is a close up:

Hmm… something seems off here.

Not to brag but anyone who works in our company is either a professional framer or has a degree in fine art – we have some ridiculously talented people here.

We decided to forgive the cheating and take on this: MATCHBOX CHALLENGE

To start we came up with ideas… brainstorming how we could really make these cars seem like they were right in place.  We decided it would be best to make a scene for each car.  Here is what we came up with for the Dukes of Hazzard:

The Dukes of Hazzard car shadowbox

We were able to find a police car that fit in perfectly!

A close up

The cliff and stones were handmade and really made us work on our paint techniques.

The Knight Rider needed a different, darker look.  We thought a city scene would be perfect for it.

The Knight Rider Shadowbox

The Knight Rider Shadowbox

We were able even add in a working street lamp:

Working Street Lights are not too hard to place into Shadow Boxes

A special thanks to our wonderful customer for giving us the opportunity to create these pieces.  We had a lot of fun and are thankful we get to do what we love.

Art never comes without a mess.  Here is our matchbox carnage:

The Matchbox Challenge Carnage (as we like to call it)

Happy Thursday!

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