Get to Know the Artist and Framer – Jupey Gale – part 1

Please meet Jupey Gale, Production Manager at Broadway Galleries.

She has been with Broadway Galleries since 2007 when she moved across country from Las Vegas, NV. Originally from North Carolina Jupey grew up in Cincinnati, OH and has been in love with art since as long as she can remember.

Jupey’s role at Broadway Galleries entails a variety of roles, such as taking all the incoming framing orders, ensuring all the materials and work are completed in a timely fashion, managing vendors, handling interactions with customers, designing frames, doing installations, and completing in-home consultations. Jupey also spends time assisting Broadway Galleries owner Barry Broadway with the company’s website and social media needs.

Choosing the right frame makes all the difference.

Choosing the right frame makes all the difference.

Jupey says, “I love my job, interacting with the customers, and have a diverse amount of work to do. I like to stay busy and do the design work on framing.” She came to Broadway Galleries with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from Pratt Institute and graduated from the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

Broadway Galleries’ family goal is “to maintain the highest standards in the framing industry by having the best design and productions staff available and to be art educators as well as art providers.” Jupey said that Broadway Galleries’ customers range from retail customers, designers, and corporate collections. She mentioned that her company does things that most galleries won’t do such as specialized framing and servicing the trade.

Simple and beautiful.

Simple and beautiful.

Broadway Galleries has a turnaround time of between two and two and a half weeks but they can also accommodate rushes.

One of Jupey’s favorite things about working at Broadway Galleries is that she gets to be around art all day long. She loves it and feels really privileged to be around such beautiful works of art. Jupey enjoys being able to help people display their artwork to its fullest extent. “You can make or break a piece of art by framing; and I have fun helping people with a vision. She continues “Broadway Gallery assists customers to decide what is the best, aesthetically and conservation-wise, for framing. We educate people, on the materials we use and we ask people things like ‘is it going to damage your art?’ ‘Is it going to last?’ ‘Place x is cheaper but are you really comparing apples to apples?’ The whole process is informative and beneficial to them.”

The art is the center of attention here.

The art is the center of attention here.

Jupey’s main challenge in framing work is when “customers may come in with a preconceived notion of what they want; and what they want, 99 times out of 100, isn’t what is aesthetically best for the piece.” This is a fine line, and very subjective, but often what customers are picturing in their head is not really how it’s actually going to look.  The challenge is to show them what they want and, at the same time, provide other, more-appropriate, options delicately, showing the difference in what is more visually appealing.

Jupey concludes by saying, “we service those who have neat, atypical pieces, and we have a great reputation for all types of framing.” Jupey’s passion for art and for the work she does at Broadway Galleries is a testament to the artistic expertise that we pride ourselves on.

What are your opinions on framing?

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