Get to Know the Artist and Framer – Jupey Gale – part 2

The extraordinary Jupey Gale is a Production Manger at Broadway Galleries, but her broad skill set doesn’t end there!

Here is a picture of Jupey and Barry – the owner of Broadway Galleries together for an event.

Jupey & Barry at an gallery showing at Broadway Gallery

Jupey & Barry at a gallery showing at Broadway Gallery

Getting to know Jupey a little bit more entails learning about her own company “Affairs of the Arts,” in which she specializes in custom projects. Jupey provides clients with a full service art studio and has completed a variety of commissions such as:  pet portraits, architectural renderings, faux finishing, landscapes, art installations, art acquisition, and more.

Jupey realized she had more than just an interest in art when she won a scholarship for summer classes at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. After summer she took her talent to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY to study Foundation Studies and ultimately completed her education with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration and a minor in Art History from The Art Academy of Cincinnati in Ohio.

The first piece of artwork Jupey sold was in high school and she was encouraged to continue her art studies from a supportive teacher. These days Jupey gets to create art daily between her position at Broadway Gallery and with Affairs of the Arts. At Broadway Gallery Jupey’s main role is to ensure all customer framing is designed and completed with the utmost perfection. At Affairs of the Arts Jupey has used her creativity to not only create paintings but also does set design, furniture refinishing, custom painting, custom motorcycles and more.

In the midst of the day – Jupey is all smiles.

Jupey Gale doing her thang!

Jupey Gale doing her thang!

Jupey said she has “always enjoyed art,” and remembers her first experience painting in kindergarten. She mentions artists such as Maxfield Parrish, Salvador Dali and Boris as her main influencers. Jupey’s success in the art realm have her considering getting her Master’s degree and commissioning art fulltime. Her first gig in the art industry was a part-time job in college at a framing store, A.B. Closson Jr., Company.  A. B. Closson Jr. Company was a high-end gallery and Jupey quickly went from an entry-level position to the Gallery Administrator in four years.

Before Jupey came to Washington, D.C. she had spent some time out west and her art had been in over 20 exhibits throughout Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana and sold out in most of her shows. Nowadays, when commissioned for art Jupey creates based on what the clients wants and tries to work with the buyer to developer their vision.

Jupey at one of Broadway Gallery’s Artaissance events.

Artaissance Event at Broadway Gallery

Artaissance Event at Broadway Gallery

In her free time, the art Jupey creates she says is for her and her alone, “If people find a connection to it than the better. I want to evoke a feeling from them in some way either peace or disparity, whatever it may be depending on the subject.” Jupey’s inspiration “comes from everywhere, everyone, and everything; art that I see. I love the outdoors and a sunset can give me inspiration or a witty phrase can do the same.”

Other than painting, Jupey has fun hiking and swimming but normally you will find her spending free time at the drawing table. When asked how separate from her art she is Jupey answered “My art is a part of me.  Most who purchase my art feel a connection to it; either the subject or the “feeling” that is portrayed.  Therefore I feel comfortable letting it go because I know it will be cherished.” I continued our conversation by asking Jupey if art must have a relationship to the rest of the world and she responded “I don’t know that it is mandatory but the world would be a pretty dismal place without art, boring too.  Just my opinion.”

At the end of our conversation I asked Jupey for advice she would give to an aspiring artist. “Go for it and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it.” So for those looking to follow Jupey’s steps, she says “don’t let anybody tell you what to do and go with your gut, you will save your time.”

Broadway Gallery

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